About Us

PT. Lentera Permai Oetama, more often recognized as LPO is one of the leading contractors in West Jakarta founded by Johannes Gunawan in 1989. Since its establishment in 1989, the company has expanded its projects from small scale residential buildings to servicing to industrial and commercial markets of Indonesia. The numerous projects that they undertake each year hones their already high capabilities and local expertise, giving their company the opportunity address each region's unique construction needs.

Our Philosophy

Lentera prides itself on meeting modemĀ­ day construction challenges and ensuring the successful completion of complex projects . We promise to deliver the highest quality of workmanship and client satisfaction - both imperatives to our philosophy The company strives to conduct its business fairly and honestly and with consideration to the long-term needs of all its clients, employees , subcontractors and suppliers

Our Services

Lentera offers contracting services on a wide variety of projects . Our expertise ranges from office blocks , residential , schools, hotels , showroom, factory, and many more. Our successful performance m these sectors are supported by a client base of major players in the industry who have commended Lentera on our ability to deliver.